Eventex backlit UV

CLIPSO Eventex 180 BL (UV)

CLIPSO Eventex is the print media fabric that is perfect for your one or two-sided printing needs. Our print fabric is a non-vinyl,high-quality knitted polyester fabric that is durable, accepts all ink and is competitively priced for maximum profit margin. Eventex’s coating technique allows high-resolution digital imagery, is PVC-free and 100% recyclable.


- Inflatables
- Display frame systems
- Pop up display systems
- Bean bags - Banners
- Booth construction


Material: Polyester knitted fabric coated with polyurethane (PU)
Weight: 170 gr/m2, +/- 10% 
Thickness: 0,3 mm 
Stretch: < 1 % 
Transmission factor: 60% ( with + / - 10%) 
Whitepoint (L*a*b): 94,1, -6
Fire rating: M1 Printable: UV, Latex, SOL (Printable RECTO/VERSO) WIDTH
Net: 160cm/250cm/320cm/500cm 
LENGTH: ca 50m

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