Print frames by CLIPSO

Print frames by CLIPSO "Aero Print"

CLIPSO print frames "Aero Print frames" can be used as wall covering , free standing wall or as a ceiling panel that is recessed or mounted directy to the ceiling. with the Aero Print frames you can completely redesign your space within a short amount of time , think about it , changing a piece of printed textile of 100sqm can be changed within 3 to 4 hours, can any painter do it in the same time ? I don't think so , this is one of the major reasens why interior builders and designers go for the Aero print frames instead of painting of other types of print . 

Redesign your space within a day is nice , but giving your clients a special experience in your shop is even better. using print in your shop is something that can give your interior an personality, but if you lighten up the print in the back of the frame with our Backlight or Sidelight system can give your shop even more a feeling by dimming/brighten the light intensity and also by choosing a color temperature like using 6500k ( cold white) gives the client a cold feeling but using 3000k gives the client more an home feeling. With our Aero print frames is so much possible, more then you can imagine.
Do you want to give your client a good customer feeling in your shop ? Get in contact with our designteam to look how we can completly redisign your shop within 1 day and this with a low budget. 
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