AEROCEILING by CLIPSO is a suspension frame system also called "clouds". Used for decorative acoustic or illumination purposes, these frames are the ultimate design challenge. AEROCEILING frame systems are 100% customizable. They can adapt to all design specifications and shapes in combination with the right CLIPSO profiles. AEROCEILING frames can be used to solve acoustic and / or lighting problems. You can make your own look of your interior that you want to set up thanks to our print capabilities.


• Offers an attractive acoustic solution
• 100% customizable
• Integrated lighting is possible
• Easy installation process
• Suitable for walls, ceilings and partition walls
• Wide selection of sizes - small to large surfaces
• Printable

Stretch is proud Dealer of Clipsp AeroCeiling systems, we together with Clipso provide a very high quality product that is very easy to install. These products are fully customizable and can be delivered in a DIY package.
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