CLIPSO acoustic baffle

The acoustic solution for public areas!

Clipso launched the "CLIPSO BAFFLE" as the perfect solution for improving acoustics in a public space.

CLIPSO Baffles are acoustic solutions that are hung in a room to prevent (absorb) the reverb. In contrast to the CLIPSO Aero Ceiling (ceiling islands), baffles usually hang vertically on the ceiling and are often suspended with cables. They can also be hung horizontally and, if desired, even placed on or just in front of the wall.

Why use CLIPSO Baffles?

In general, baffles are much more effective in absorbing the acoustic reverberation in space because the baffles have their surface perpendicular to the sound. Of course there are several reasons why you would choose CLIPSO baffles:

- For Estetics: because the CLIPSO baffles hang vertically, the existing ceiling remains more visible and you experience more height in space
- When there is a lot of lighting or other penetrations in the ceiling, baffles take up considerably less space and are much more flexible

Special forms?

CLIPSO Baffles are not only available in a square shape but also in special shapes such as round, oval, ... just whatever form you want we can deliver.

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