Polyesterwol D40

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Stretchsound Polyester wool D40 Pack

Stretchsound Polyester wool is made of partially recycled polyester fibers and has excellent absorbent properties, our polyester wool also has very good burning properties. In addition, this product is resistant to aging and is very skin-friendly, making it easy to process in all kinds of acoustic applications.

Stretchsound Polyester wool is available in a white and black color and in many densities and thicknesses.

Packaging : Quantity each box for each thickness :

- 10mm = 60st.
- 25mm = 24st.
- 40mm = 15st.
- 50mm = 12st.

Stretchsound Polyester wool D40

Stretchsound Polyester wool is made of partially recycled polyester fibers, of which more than 60% comes from recycling of pet bottles. Stretchsound Polyester wool contains no toxic or toxicologically suspicious substances and has been tested according to Öko-Tex standard 100. Contact with polyester fibers
Does not produce allergic reactions, skin irritation or respiratory problems. The material gives
No dust formation and no chemical binders. An additional advantage is that StretchSound Sound Absorbent Polyester Wool is highly durable and elastic, which makes it unlikely to collapse. Stretchsound Polyester wool is produced in any size or shape. In addition to very high acoustic values, the material also has good thermal properties.

Stretchsound Polyster wool is a durable, sound absorbing material made from polyester fibers

• sound absorbing
• fireproof and heat resistant • thermally insulating
• non irritant
• Elastic and shape stable

• ceilings and walls
• machine and equipment construction • vehicles
• office furniture
• etc.