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Organise your interior spaces with STRETCH coverings

You want to build or renovate? Do you want to transform your whole interior or simply decorate yor interior? STRETCH provides you the PERFECT solution to redesign or renovateyour interiors. STRETCH makes the design process easy and simple, also with our STRETCH solution we make your work easier by developing a wide range of bespoke shapes, chambers, .... 

Why choose STRETCH?

Whether your space is new or you’re looking to renovate, our stretched covers are suitable for use as part of redecoration projects or complete redesigns within your space.
 Simultaniously our STRETCH coverings our functional and decorative, our STRETCH covers are suitable in any envirement, using it in restaurants, offices, lobby's, bedrooms, kitchens, swimming pools, bars, lounges, homes, gym, welness,.... 

Our cold fitting technique makes it possible to instal stretch walls/ stretch ceilings quickly, cleanly and dust free. This ensures a optimized work scheduele and shortens the periode of construction, so the time the space ( office, shop, mall, restaurant, ... ) is out of use is verry short! This is a huge bennefit because the time your commercial space is out of use costs your business or client much much money . 

Versatile stretch covers with infinite possibilities

STRETCH offers you a wide range of STRETCH Covers: Standard , acoustic (for acoustic eilings/ walls), translicent (for light ceilings), antibacterial, color,... . The STRETCH R&D department and the design office are working constantly to improve and develop our range of profiles (tracks) and coverings so we can suit your ceiling and wall as you want , and we are keeping up with the newest trends and designs. 

All the STRETCH covers we provide can be printed and are suitable for use in any environments (also damp envirements). These properties allow you to carry out original, high-quality renovations of your interior spaces – the only thing standing in your way will be your imagination.

STRETCH: high-quality stretch fabric, made in France

Our stretched covers are PU coated at the CLIPSO Producttion site in Saint-Amarin (68) France, CLIPSO ensures total control over the production and the product itself. Our stretched coverings are manufactures in a extra wide version up to 5,10 meter

We ensure only high quality products, we do this by fully integrating the design and manufacturing the design and manufacturing process, this gives us the freedom to develop our products by the needs and demands of the market. Our covers adapt to every situation, like walls, ceilings, frames, lightboxes, acoustic panels, chambers, .... Everything is tailor-made. 

STRETCH - a full service for the best possible results

STRETCH ensures you that all our products are installed at the highest possible standard, we can ensure this because all our installers are trained by STRETCH in Belgium ( Beveren-waas ) , we ensure you that our partners can brng your project to life with our cold fitting technique of our covers.

The STRETCH dealer/installer network is constantly expanding world-wide, this means that we can take care of your project world-wide. STRETCH will be there for you at the start of your project until the completion of your project.

What is it like working with STRETCH?

The priority for any project is responsiveness. STRETCH will give you the support you need to help you understand the timeframes and how we operate.

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