STRETCH Ceiling benefits

What are the advantages of a STRETCH stretch ceiling?

When you choose a stretch ceiling, you want a sleek, seamless, high-quality and budget-friendly stretch ceiling that can be installed quickly and easily. Let that be the great strength of the STRETCH ceilings!


With our polyester stretch ceilings and PVC stretch ceilings we offer you a number of fundamental advantages:


    • Quick and clean installation
    • Sleek ceiling
    • Washable
    • Acoustic solution
    • 10 year warranty
    • Sustainable ceiling and wall system


In addition, we also offer the advantage that you can insulate your ceiling with our stretch ceilings. You can use a lot of new lighting options, hide pipes and cables behind or above the stretch ceiling or wall. Even cracks in your ceiling or wall can be concealed very easily with our false ceiling or retaining wall constructed with our tightly stretched stretch ceiling system.

When our stretch ceiling is mounted under an existing ceiling, the ceiling may remain above our stretch ceiling, this construction or old ceiling will no longer be visible after the installation of a stretch ceiling.


Are you looking for a new ceiling? Then you are probably curious about the price for a stretch ceiling. Our two types of stretch ceilings offer the advantage that the price per square meter is comparable to an unfinished gyproc ceiling.

But with our standard stretch ceiling, we offer a completely finished ceiling that requires no maintenance in future years. The cost price in Belgium to install a stretch ceiling depends on the size of the room.

The average living space (+/- 50m2) will cost about 75 euros per square meter. If you opt for a stretch ceiling in the bathroom (+/- 6m2), you will have to count on about 150 to 170 euros per square meter. When installing a stretch ceiling, you have the advantage that your ceiling is maintenance-free and that it is installed quickly and cleanly. Also the lifespan of our stretch ceilings is more than 20 years.


A lot of people wonder whether a stretch ceiling is resistant to sharp objects. We can assure you that sharp objects are not an issue with both a PVC stretch ceiling and a polyester stretch ceiling, of course if you have the intention to damage the stretch ceiling, you can damage the stretch ceiling, this is of course the case with any type ceiling.


After reading our article, are you also convinced of the advantages of stretch ceiling, and after reading this article are you also interested in having a stretch ceiling installed by one of our dealers (installers of stretch ceilings) )? Fill in our contact form below so that we can reach you as soon as possible.

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