STRETCH Training

In order to integrate the CLIPSO stretch ceilings in the propper way you need to folow the rules, these specific rules will be teached by our teacher that will give you a training in our training center ( or if needed in your company ) .

It is essential to know our support, the training courses we give are adressed to the installers and sales teams. This training will help understand and know the possibillity's of the CLIPSO stretch ceilings and it will help you to promote our technical and esthetic qualities.


We propose 3 types of training courses:

- Commercial training:

Reserved to the commercial teams
The commercial training will develop your communication and sales stratagies, it helps you to find the bennifit over other compettitors and will help you to develop your technical side of the sales. 

- Starter training: 

This training course is reserved for starters, it is the technical and theoretical side of the stretch ceiling. This training teaches the principal techniques of the CLIPSO stretch ceiling installation.
The experience and a good technical know-how in the building sector are an asset.

- Advanced training course:

Reserved to approved installers who already did the initial training
This last training course improves the approved installer's performances with the most pointed techniques and the last CLIPSO products. For example: Placement of the lightbox, 3D forms, or specific training course (contact us).


Most of the time our trainingscourses takes place in the STRETCH BVBA head-office in Beveren-waas Belgium, if for practical reasons it is better to arange the trainingcourse in you country / company we can arange this, but under certain rules (many participants, organization…).

To register you and for any relative question with the training courses, do not hesitate to contact us.

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