Acoustic Ceiling / Wall

Silent sounds with the acoustic ceiling of STRETCH!

Noise pollution has recently been recognized as a public health problem. It is therefore essential to take this into account when building or renovating a space. With the STRETCH ACOUSTIC solution you get the situation under control!

A need for acoustic improvement for all interiors?

Some public areas, such as shopping centers, offices, restaurants, open-space spaces, meeting rooms, ... receive thousands of people every day. To prevent noise pollution that can become extremely unpleasant for people who visit these places, it is essential to guarantee sound absorption. The architecture must be well designed so that the acoustics are optimally displayed. From the form of spaces to the materials they dress, nothing can be left to chance.

The sources of everyday noise are numerous in a house. Usually caused by conversations, television in the background, laughter and screaming children, this cheerful cacophony of sounds can lose control. It is therefore essential that we have to intervene at the start of the project: in the structure of all rooms, in the used finishes ... This should not be neglected at the time of construction or renovation.

An acoustic ceiling, the ideal solution for all noisy rooms

The acoustic stretch ceiling is designed for one purpose: to absorb sound and reduce the reverberation. The combination of the coating and the absorber can ensure that there is a saving of 6 seconds on the reverb speed. The resulting acoustic comfort speaks for itself!

That is why the STRETCH ACOUSTIC coating is so popular in restaurants, airports, cinemas, companies, shops and hotels. The technical characteristics also adapt to private spaces such as apartments and houses. Whatever the installation location, the STRETCH acoustic stretch ceiling ensures true acoustic comfort!

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