1. Stretch ceilings and walls in the office

    STRETCH offers you the CLIPSO Ceiling & Wall solution that offers many unique advantages and that meet the demanding needs of today’s modern corporate environment. From branding your company logo and colors to lighting and acoustics, The CLIPSO covering helps you to design an interior space that is both functional and beautiful.

    The lobby: The Lobby of the your building is the face of your company. It is the first impression people get of your organization and a terrific opportunity for innovative lighting, or branding using your company logo, colors or other images that portray and support your company’s mission statement. Trust the your CLIPSO installer team to help bring your company image to life.

    The Boardroom: Boardrooms are an integral part of the corporate world and should provide an environment conducive to strong communications. CLIPSO coverings help by providing an acoustic solution and NRC values of up to 1.05. 

    The Office: Offices and workspaces are truly the hands of an organization. This is where company plans are executed and where employees spend most of their time. These spaces must contribute to employee concentration, productivity and provide a pleasant working environment. 

    Training Facilities: Corporate auditoriums and training facilities are typically larger spaces with many people. They should provide an environment essential to learning and attention should be given when designing these spaces to allow for proper acoustics. Engineering for acoustics is always easiest in the design phase, but CLIPSO allows you to easily renovate an existing space to meet any acoustic or other needs. 

    The Cafeteria: Corporate cafeterias and employee break rooms truly are the heart and soul of an organization. It’s where employees go to nourish and refresh and these areas should be clean and welcoming. CLIPSO offers an antibacterial covering which inhibits the proliferation of germs making it the perfect choice for cafeterias, lounges, or anywhere employees might be eating or congregating.


    The CLIPSO system of profiles, coverings, and acoustic insulation is fast and simple to install. It does not emit any odors or harmful VOCs and can be installed during off-hours so your business need never be disrupted. It truly is the ideal solution for any corporate environment. To learn more about the CLIPSO products and solutions, visit our website www.stretchgroup.net or email us at info@stretchgroup.be.

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  2. A fast ceiling system perfect for use in commercial spaces as well as for renovation and new construction projects

    STRETCH strives to provide ceiling and wall solutions that can be used in a sustainable, timeless way, inside and outside. We always look for creative solutions in a creative way that ensure that we can quickly cover a room entirely with our wall and ceiling solutions.

    One of our systems is the stretch ceiling, our stretch ceiling system is based on a polyester woven cloth that is coated with a washable PU coating that is available in different colors, this in combination with a lance mounted perimeter PVC or ALU clamping profile ensures that we can assemble and tension the woven stretch ceiling fabric with a minimum of tools. Our stretch ceiling can be mounted both as a ceiling and as a wall.

    Fast ceiling / wall system

    The stretch ceiling system is very interesting for commercial as well as for private use, because the system can be mounted very quickly up to 50 m2 with 2 installers per working day, this makes it one of the fastest systems on the market at the moment. What makes it perfect to use in restaurants, offices, other commercial spaces where speed is VERY IMPORTANT.


    Our stretch ceilings are not only quick to install but also creative to use, dressing a room with a color as we already do is possible because we have an extensive color range. But what is unique about our system is that it is also printable, in this way you can completely arrange your space according to your own wishes with the help of a print of your choice.


    We have different types of stretch ceiling fabrics, both standard, acoustic, translucent, etc. Of which our acoustic stretch ceiling cloths are highly sought after, because the finish is very fine, the difference between a standard ceiling or an acoustic stretch ceiling is as good as not visible, and because the stretch ceiling system works so quickly, it is highly sought after both in private homes where acoustic problems occur due to the use of large surfaces in windows and other hard materials, but also in commercial spaces such as offices and restaurants where acoustic comfort is very important.

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  3. This is why light is so important

    The products of STRETCH shine. As we all know illuminated names, prints, ... are getting more attention then something that isn't illuminated. As we already know as a human our guidence is light, we need th light to guide us to the place we want to go. What would we do if planes, tunels or public buildings weren’t equipped with lights which shows us the escape route? Yes – everybody would panicking. Iluminant is an instictive guideline-no doubt. In that case we have to mention that sun is our most important source of light which is absolutely essential for every living creature on this earth.

    Illumination "Light" gives us a safe feeling. Illumination causes a different atmosphere thatexcite an emotional state, this is an important aspect by using Light. Our illuminated lightboxes can have different types of color temperature with gives a special feeiling at a Fair, Lobby, Shop, Offices, Restaurants, ... 

    With our Illuminated lightboxes you can build exhibition stands, room dividers for the office, shop , ... . By using the STRETCH lightbox frames you will stand out to all the other exhibition stands, shops, offices, ... 

    If you want more information about our ceiling and wall lightboxes: https://www.stretchgroup.net/clipso-spanplafonds/verlichting/edgelit-lighting.html

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  4. Designing the perfect workspace

    Open office spaces are at the moment very hot , but a nightmare for the acoustics . 

    Open office acoustic solution

    But there are ways to solve that problem , by using acoustic absorbant materials in the right way we can achieve again a acoustic comfortable space , that emediatly will pay the investment back by the more engaged and more productive staff.

    Using the CLIPSO Sound AeroCeiling frames is one of the easy'st systems to use in your office at a verry low price for it's high quality finish , our acoustic frames can be ordered with standard meassurements but it's also possible to order frames on your meassurements , the frames will then be pre-assambeled in our workspace and will be shipped as a plug&play kit or if wanted as a full assembled frame . 

    Installing the acoustic frame in your office / workspace is very simpel , the frames can be mounted right on the ceiling or wall . And if you wand the acoustic frames can also be monted with hangers from the wall and the ceiling. All you need to do is tell us what type of mounting you want to use and we can offer you all the right mountings and hangers for the installation . 

    Do you want more info ? Give us a call on : +32485483035 or send us a e-mail on : Info@stretchgroup.be, you also can read more about the frames on our website at : AeroCeiling

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    We are pleased to announce that CLIPSO has got the certification ISO 9001: 2015! It is the most adapted version of the quality management system, which links the economic context and the company's procedures.

    This 2015 version integrates the management of risks and opportunities, so our services can adapt more quickly and ensure that you and your customers get products and services of good quality with regularity.

    "ISO 9001 is used worldwide. In 2013, more than one million certificates of conformity to the standard were issued in 187 countries and many companies and organizations adopted the ISO 9001 approach without seeking certification.
    The success of the ISO 9001 approach can be achieved in a number of ways: expanding the customer base for some companies or demonstrating the effectiveness of internal work for others."

    Source www.iso.org

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  6. CLIPSO gets the GREENGUARD Gold certification for the CLIPSO products

    Always more concerned with meeting the expectations of its customers and contributing to their well-being, CLIPSO creates solutions that respect the environment. As a low-Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) fabric producer and interior designer, CLIPSO has been awarded GREENGUARD Gold certification this year.

    This international certification that we have obtained is an additional guarantee of quality of CLIPSO products. These materials used in new construction as well as renovation are now essential in the design of living spaces where we breathe a healthier air.

    "GREENGUARD certification is the first voluntary global certification of pollutant emissions created specifically for indoor products. (...)
    GREENGUARD Gold certification takes into account more stringent emission thresholds to ensure that emissions from certified products can not affect sensitive people (children, sick people, etc.). This certification is often required by buyers in schools, hospitals and retirement homes. "UL Environment
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  7. Also a bad acoustic in your restaurant ?

    Also a bad acoustic in your restaurant ? 

    The problem reverberation (also experienced as a short echo) is caused by the frequent use of hard materials in the interior. The acoustics are poor in many catering establishments such as restaurants, cafés, nightclubs and clubs. Bad acoustics in this sector are particularly bad for customer satisfaction. Visitors experience poor intelligibility at the table, are not at ease and lack an intimate atmosphere that belongs to a night out, a subsequent visit to your business has quickly gone wrong. An investment in improving the acoustics in your space therefore pays for itself very quickly.

    What is the solution?

    In short: apply sufficient absorbent materials to hard reflective surfaces. There are various products and materials to make the acoustic climate pleasant. For example, you can think of creating more privacy by installing shield panels. Screen panels ensure that noise is distributed less in space.

    Products for walls

    To reduce the reflections that come from the walls, you can use CLIPSO acoustic stretch walls, CLIPSO aeroceiling (to be mounted against the walls, and various melamine foam and polyester wool products.) One wall in your room often gives a special result.

    Products for ceiling

    To reduce reflections from the ceiling, especially in high rooms, you can think of products (materials) such as ceiling frames from CLIPSO Aeroceiling, but if you want a very nice ceiling where you do not notice that there are panels or the like, you can also choose an acoustical stretch ceiling (CLIPSO acoustic). Of course you can also mount baffles and the like against the existing ceiling but with a stretch ceiling you still have a much nicer finish.

    What do I need to improve the acoustics?

    When applying a 60% of the floor surface to acoustic products in your case, the improvement can be described as reasonable to good (example: 100 m² of floor space, adding a minimum of 25 to 30 m² absorption surface). In practice, however, a percentage of 25 to 30% already shows a considerable improvement. We therefore recommend tackling the problem in one or two phases,

    Under tables?

    The application of absorbent material underneath tables is particularly poor. This only has some results if there are many and large tables and there is a lot of reflection of sound via the (hard) floor. A good approach is to mount absorbent materials and products on walls and / or the ceiling. Do not concentrate on one place but spread through the case.

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  8. Why start installing stretch ceilings?

    Stretch ceilings are on the rise, also jump on the train in 2018 for succes in the stretch ceiling market ! 

    Have you not noticed? More and more stretch ceilings are being installed over the years, and more and more companies are starting to install stretch ceilings.

    But why shouldyou instal stretch ceilings?

    A stretch ceiling has the great advantage that it is installed very quickly (usually even in 1 day) and they are also installed without too much dirt and breaking, these are a number of very big advantages that makes people rather choose for a stretch ceiling than for the traditional plaster or recessed plasterboard.

    There are also a number of other major advantages to a stretch ceiling such as:
                -   Installed at a very affairdable price
                -   Seamlessly installation to 5.10m width (length is unlimited)
                -   Moisture-resistant
                -   Chlorine-resistant
                -   Fireproof
                -   Maintenance-friendly
                -   Does not tear
                -   Lives with the house ( so no cracks anymore ! ) 
                -   Is washable
                -   PVC free!
                -   Environmentally friendly
                -   10 year warranty

    In addition to all these advantages, a stretch ceiling is just the perfect ceiling or wall to instal in your home, shop, office, kitchen, commercial spaces, warehouse, public spaces, .... In short, a stretch ceiling can be installed anywhere.

    Are you looking for new opportunities within your company or do you want to start a new company in the interior (construction) sector? Then the installation of stretch ceilings is certainly to consider, in 2018 there are only a limited number of companies all over Europe that install stretch ceilings which makes it very interesting to start installing stretch ceilings NOW!

    Contact us trough the contact form to find out more about how you can start installing stretch ceilings. See you soon !
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  9. Luminous stretch ceiling

    CLIPSO Ceiling & Wall now offers a complete, fully-customizable luminous surface solution. Whether you are looking for a direct-attach or a suspended frame system, CLIPSO can accommodate your needs with a complete profile, covering, and lighting solution.



    Our lighting options include backlit, perimeter-lit and surface-mounted solutions. We can offer a range of color temperatures from 2700˚K to 7000˚K, RGB and RGBW color options as well as tunable and dimmable options.



    The complete range of CLIPSO profiles can internally-house lighting or can allow our product to be backlit from above or behind.



    CLIPSO offers various translucency options to suit your design needs; 30%, 50%, and 70% translucency as well as a 40% Acoustic Translucent option. CLIPSO coverings can also be custom printed up to 5,10m wide and 50m long without joints or seams. 


    Only STRETCH can offer a complete Luminous Solution, all in one place. To learn more about Luminous Solutions by CLIPSO, visit the CLIPSO Illumination page on our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@stretchgroup.be.

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  10. Become a installer

    Since the launch of the first CLIPSO stretch ceilings, it has become essential to form a network of qualified professionals who have been trained in the cold laying technology of polyester stretch ceilings. Having competent installers guarantees our customers a qualitative placement and an impeccable finish of their stretch ceiling.

    How is the stretch ceiling installation training organized?

    Training is essential to purchase and install CLIPSO stretch ceilings. The basic cycle (level 1) takes place over a period of two days.The entire class consists of a maximum of 6 students:

    •           - The theoretical training on the entire range of stretch ceilings and profiles
    •           - Multiple scenarios to coldly stretch ceilings and walls
    •           - Learn how to stretch a stretch ceiling in corners, integration of shutters, lighting and others
    •           - The know-how and tips for different situations
    •           - The sales arguments and the specific characteristics of stretch ceilings and clamping walls of CLIPSO

    The training takes place in a space specially designed for this purpose, so that the installation can be practiced in maximum possible situations. The installers can therefore practice and learn the techniques in the best conditions, while benefiting from advice and personal advice from a trainer.

    Price on 22/03/2017: 650 euros excl. VAT per person. It includes the theoretical course, the practical exercises of the installation, the teaching materials, a box with tools "starter package", the suitcase samples of fixtures and as well as lunch is included.

    Contact STRETCH for the dates of future training courses.

    After this training and after the installation of your first project, you will be interned in the network of the STRETCH installers. After this you will also receive the Certificate that you can install the CLIPSO stretch ceiling.

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