Illuminated wall

STRETCH Illuminated wall



A STRETCH lightwall follows the same technique as a STRETCH lightceiling but is ( as the name says it ) mounted to the wall, STRETCH can create a lightwall that is ideal to use as a decorative wall for restaurants, shops, showrooms, stands , and much more. 




The installation of a STRETCH illuminated wall



The STRETCH lightwall can be installed completely on measurement of the client. 

Installed using the STRETCH PVC tracks ( or alluminium ) and mound those on the wall, after installing the profiles you mount the Backlit or Edgelit LED modules on the back of the lightwall ( Backlit modules can be mounted on the surface in the bac of the lightwall , edgelit modules are installed on the sides of the lightwall ) . 

After the installation of the profieles and the LEDs you can start installing the STRETCH trancelucent covering in the profiles. , you can choose between 5 types of coverings 4 types are standard trancelucent and we have 1 type that is an acoustic trancelucent covering ( STRETCH 307T, STRETCH 308T, STRETCH 309T, STRETCH 308T AB or the STRETCH 495 AT covering )  or if you want to have a nice printed covering all our trancelucent coverings are also printable .

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