Indoor swimmingpool

A stretch ceiling in your indoor swimming pool? Hell yes !


The choice for ceilings that are resistant to moisture and chlorine/salt is very small, these types of ceilings are also rather finished in an industrial way, such as with a metal ceiling or a system ceiling. As a result, the traditional gyproc ceiling is sometimes also chosen, but with this type of ceiling you have a lot more maintenance in the long term because the ceiling has to be repainted after 5 to 10 years and there is a risk of mold due to the moisture in the pool area.


stretch ceiling indoor swimming pool


STRETCH has a solution for this, we have a wide range of stretch ceilings for which we have chosen to use a "CLEAN-Coating" to be applied to our stretch ceiling fabrics. This coating ensures that mold cannot adhere and grow on the stretch ceiling fabric. Our clean stretch ceilings offer a sleek and even unrivaled finish, our system is maintenance-free and we offer you a 10-year warranty on the installed stretch ceiling.


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