Stretch ceiling kitchen

A stretch ceiling in the kitchen


Can a stretch ceiling be placed in a kitchen? The question that many people ask while they also ask whether you can clean a stretch ceiling. It is very easy for us to answer this.

YES, you can!


The kitchen is the place where you stand every day to cook, do the dishes, eat, .... As a result, this space has a hard time, so it is very important to think about the materials you use. used in your kitchen. From opportunities, appliances, floor, .... to even your ceiling.

It is important that all materials are maintenance-free or maintenance-friendly, let's just say that a stretch ceiling is maintenance-free.

With STRETCH we offer a stretch ceiling system that is resistant to moisture, does not mold and is even washable, which means that our stretch ceilings are perfectly usable in your new or existing kitchen. Our stretch ceilings are installed within one day and you even have the option to move/renew your lighting and/or reuse the existing lighting. So there are many advantages to choosing a stretch ceiling.


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