STRETCH offers you its Design solution, this means that we can print our STRETCH banners with every print / image / design you or your designer desires. The STRETCH canvasses are printable up to 5.10m width and 50m length, this ensures that no challenge is too much for us. 

Our printed canvases are used extensively in retail businesses as well as restaurants, private homes, offices, and other commercial spaces . 

You have a project ?

STRETCH guides you to the right choice from our canvases and profiles. After choosing the fabric and the profiles, we switch to the
choice of design. STRETCH has subscribed to various image banks on the internet that our customers can use. The photo 'that you can find in these image banks can be used for large format prints. 
At the moment the cloths, profiles and print are chosen, you can choose a ready-made solution that you can install quickly and efficiently or you can choose to order the gross materials. 

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