Acoustic in home theater

Watching movies at home is always nice, but watching movies at your own home theater is even better. Having a home theater is not as simple as you think, to get the same experience in your own home theater you need the perfect sound experience, video experience, .... 

We will talk about the home theater in 2 steps : 

1.: Acoustics

To build a home theater most of the time you start with a square box that has the baddest acoustics that you have ever heard , so here you can do something . When designing the home theater you will need to look at sound isolation ( so that the sound does'nt go to the nearest room ) and sound absorbtion ( this is to have a nice sound experience in the home theater ) 

For sound isolation we need to build a box-in-box system , so all the sound stays in the home theater and does'nt go to the rest of the house 

For sound absorbtion you need to use absorbant materials mouted to the floor,walls and the ceiling . For the floor you can best use a nice thick carpet , and for the walls and the ceiling you can use the CLIPSO acoustic stretch ceiling in combination with an extra absorber like polyesterwool ( most of the time there is used the D20/40 or D40/50 polyesterwool ) . 

2.: Video experience

For the video experience you need a projection screen and also a good beamer ,  for the projectionscreen you can build one on your own meassurements with our CLIPSO coverings and profiles .

As you already have a acoustic strechwall you also can use our acoustic projection covering , so this way you have not only a acoustic wall but at the same time a projectionwall 

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