Acoustics in company buildings


What's the problem ?

A common problem in large business premises, workshops and production halls is poor acoustics. Loud-tempered machines are used in areas where a lot of hard materials are used, such as concrete, steel, glass, etc. This causes a lot of gale sounds, which is a bad job climate in the company. This reverberation leads to fatigue, less productive people, poor intelligibility, higher chances of errors, ... By reducing the reverberation, so improving acoustics with our acoustic solutions and matching products / materials, you contribute to improving productivity, reduce the chance of errors due to concentration problems and also improve the well-being of your employees. Improving acoustics pays for itself!

What is the solution ? 

There is no standard solution for this acoustic problem, this is because every situation must be considered separately. Sometimes a very good result can be achieved by lowering the reverberation time by a second. On average, 1 baffle (CLIPSO Aeroceiling) is chosen per square meter, of course this is always dependent on situation to situation. 

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