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What are the advantages of a stretch ceiling in the bathroom?

Are you looking for a new ceiling for your living room? As standard you would think of a plasterboard or wooden ceiling, but also consider a taut stretch ceiling.

Discover the advantages of a polyester or PVC stretch ceiling in this article

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Quick and clean installation

Why do people choose a stretch ceiling? Our stretch ceilings provide a sleek and modern look. With our ceilings it is possible to place your new ceiling without too much dirt because there is no need for sanding or painting. All furniture may remain in the room, which also makes it easy.


Atmospheric lighting

Placing lighting in a stretch ceiling is easy. For ceiling lighting you can choose from all kinds of lighting, whether you would opt for recessed spots, chandeliers or LED strips, the possibilities are unlimited. We can also build in and build loudspeakers and smoke detectors, and we can install awnings and a projector ourselves.

We hang the loose cables behind the stretch ceiling behind the suspended ceiling and hide them so that they are invisible, but they are still accessible behind the stretch ceiling because the stretch ceiling can be disassembled and reassembled.


Acoustic stretch ceiling

You have poor sound quality in your living space? With a stretch ceiling we can improve the sound quality in your room by using an acoustic ceiling. Our cloth has a micro-perforation that ensures that the sounds in the room are absorbed by the ceiling cloth. After the installation of our acoustic ceiling, the acoustic comfort in your living room is fully optimized and you can talk to each other again in a calm way.


Living room stretch ceiling


Easy installation and maintenance of a stretch ceiling

Do you want to install a new suspended ceiling? Then you no longer have to break out the old ceiling with a stretch ceiling, we can simply mount the stretch ceiling under the old existing ceiling without any breaking work. Moreover, the installation usually only takes one day. A stretch ceiling in your living room is quick and easy to install. You will therefore not experience any disadvantages of the works that are being carried out during the installation. Even after installing the stretch ceiling, you will notice that maintenance of a stretch ceiling is also minimal, we recommend cleaning your stretch ceiling every 4 to 5 years, both the PVC or polyester stretch ceilings are washable.


A stretch ceiling fits into any style of interior

Every interior is different, so every ceiling has a different finish. When renovating your ceiling, you want to choose a ceiling finish that matches the style of your home, you want to be able to choose the color of the ceiling as well as the look/structure and if you would like a fine or mollusc finish along the perimeter of the ceiling, the ceiling should also allow this. All this is also possible with both types of stretch ceilings, with our stretch ceilings we have a choice of more than 30 colors, you can choose multiple edge finishes such as visible and invisible profiles, as well as you can opt for a matching mollusc, such as a mollusc from ORAC, this can easily be used together with a stretch ceiling.


Would you like to know more about a stretch ceiling in your living room?

Our ceilings are always perfectly tailored to your space. Do you want to know what the options are and the price of a stretch ceiling for your living room? Contact us for free and without obligation contact  get in touch with us! We may soon be installing your new ceiling in your region!

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