Acoustics at home


What's the problem ? 

It reverberates in the house so that the acoustics are very bad, when there is a visit in the house the conversations become unintelligible. This is due to the reverberation in space, this reverberation is caused by the use of hard materials in the interior of your living space, bedroom, veranda, …  For this we have a number of turnkey acoustic solutions such as ours CLIPSO Aeroceiling ceiling panels, Baffles, absorbent panels / polyester wool & melamine foam.

What is the solution ? 

The solution for your acoustic problem is to apply soft absorbent materials in space. These materials can be placed against both ceiling as the walls as the floor, everything depends on situation to situation.

What do I need and how much do I need? 

If you want to improve the acoustics in your room you can best start 25% of the floor surface of acoustic products in your room against both the wall and the ceiling, we advise you to work in phases so you can use the acoustics in the room. refine according to your own wishes. 

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