Backlit lighting




You want to illuminate your space evenly but you do not want to use traditional spots, chandeliers, LED lines, ....? 


Stretch has a solution for this, our Backlit LED lighting system in combination with our STRETCH transient banners are the solution for this. Our suspended ceilings in combination with the Backlit LED lighting offer you an ideal illuminated surface that can be adjusted both in light color and in intensity of light. Our luminous ceilings are the solution if you opt for an optimally illuminated space where you can no longer develop shadow formation. Our light ceilings can be used in commercial spaces as well as in offices, private homes, living spaces, showroom, wellness centers, workshops, ... 



Light ceilings in offices / commercial spaces 

The great advantage of using our light ceilings is to illuminate the workspace evenly so that no more shadow can be formed, this promotes the concentration which results in higher productivity. In showrooms the light ceilings are mainly used as a light beam to illuminate cars or other products beautifully and evenly. 



Light ceilings in the workshop

Light ceilings can be used in your workshop, the great advantage of the light bulb is that the entire area is evenly illuminated, this ensures that shading is no longer possible, this ensures that if you need to perform precision work there is enough light to your fine perform precision work without being shadowy.



Light ceilings in your home 

Light ceilings in homes are often used because it looks very tight and also because it is possible to illuminate the room in a beautiful and atmospheric way. 



Printed light ceilings? 

Our light ceilings can also be printed, this is very much done in commercial spaces such as a restaurant, entrance business, office, wellness, ... this because you can bring a pleasant atmosphere in the room and also a beautiful exposure can be obtained . 

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