Choose high-quality acoustic covers for your project



Are you searching for a specialist in dealing with noise pollution? We have a innovative solution that will combat this particular problem. 

A good acoustic doesn't just come by chance, it takes expertise on tht specific acoustic problem and here is where STRETCH can provide you the right products.

We have our CLIPSO Acoustic range of stretch fabrics, CLIPSO has developed an overarching concept for the ceilings and the walls, our concept contributes not only to the enchanged acoustics but also to the aisthetic appeal of you space, we can ensure you comfort and reliability day-in, day-out. Our solution is specifically designed to meet regulatory requirements, acoustic performance and architectural criteria, these stretch fabrics are suitable for use in all types of environments.


Acoustic performance

Public areas, private areas, .... STRETCH has already done a wide range of acoustical projects, this includes airports, restaurants, offices, stadium, sound studio's, ... We have proven there that our solution has a high worth when it comes to  dealing with acoustic issues. Comon we will use an extra absorband material ( like polyester wool or melamine foam ) , this will improve the sound reverberation in all interior spaces. 


STRETCH frame shapes

With our profile system the CLIPSO acoustic covers can be installed in almost al sorts of shapes, they allow all types of installation over and above acoustic stretch walls and ceilings. Speakers, suspended ceiling tiles, frames, screens, chambers, suspended ceilings, sliding screens . With STRETCH you will be able to fullfill al your design dreams.


Fully bespoke stretch ceilings

Our CLIPSO range of acoustic stretch covers for ceilings and walls combines functionality, aesthetic design and ease of use. Our covers are available in more then 25 different types of collors, wheter you want to use our coverings in an damp or normal envirement or in a new construction or an renovation project it is possible to use our products in every envirement or space. 

If you want to give your space a personal touch, it is also possible to personalise our coverings with a print on choice or use one of our diamond finishes, get in contact with us to know more. 

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