stretched bathroom ceiling

A stretch ceiling for the bathroom


A ceiling in your bathroom is more than just a ceiling, it is the ceiling that is the ceiling in your home that is most exposed to both moisture and temperature differences. A plastered or gyproc ceiling that has been painted or papered is very susceptible to mold formation if the bathroom is not sufficiently ventilated, so it is important to always provide an extractor. However, the paint or wallpaper can peel or discolor because of the moisture. The costs of solving this quickly add up.


Choosing both a PVC and polyester stretch ceiling is therefore highly recommended, because our stretch ceilings are 100% moisture-resistant, which is a great advantage. In case of any moisture problems, it will not become mouldy, discolour or form blisters. The polyester or PVC stretch ceiling can be easily dismantled to solve underlying problems. In addition, ventilation grilles can be incorporated without any problems. In a room where hygiene is paramount, a stretch ceiling is the best option. You can always receive a free quote from our dealers.


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