You want to become a STRETCH dealer ?


You want to become an authorized STRETCH distributor? 

The Stretch ceiling we provide you of CLIPSO can only be installed by people who have followed a training course of the installation. 

It is necessary to train a team of two people at least, if possible personnel that already has some experience in the construction ndustry ( carpenter, wood worker, ... ) and a good physical condition.
Our trainingcourse acquires a essential know-how of the installation of the CLIPSO stretch ceilings wich takes place in ou offices in Beveren-Waas, Belgium.This trainingcourse is also usefull for the business manager and sales team so the commercial team knows their product good enaugh to be able to prospect and advise the opinion of the customers. 

There is also a possibility to organise a training course in your country, we only request to train then at least 5 people. 
If you would wish to organize a training course in your place, please Contact us for more information.

Does our system of stretch ceilings intersts you, and you wish to become a distributor then fill out this form.
We will be very happy to agree on an appointment to discuss together the conditions of our collaboration.

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