Stretch ceiling concept

STRETCH, the innovative concept for cold ceilings and wall covering.

The STRETCH ceiling and wall system is designed to provide an aesthetic and functional solution for ceiling and wall applications in both new and refurbishment. Due to its innovative features it is well suited for both commercial and residential use. STRETCH fabric can be custom made, using curved shapes is not a problem. The STRETCH fabrics are also printable and there is also a possibility to get a lightened surface (light ceiling, light wall, lightbox, etc.) Also the STRETCH fabrics have very effective acoustic properties.




The technology

STRETCH coverings are a knitted polyester fabric covered with polyurethane. This technology combines the unique aesthetics of a monolithic finish with great functionality and durability. A single piece of fabric can grow up to 5.10m wide without seams, ensuring a perfectly smooth surface and uniform tension. Due to the knitted properties, the coatings can easily be wrapped using beams, cornices, rosettes, doors, windows, etc. In addition, the integration of mechanical, electrical, heating and sanitation facilities is easy to obscure.


With the help of the STRETCH high-tech profiles, these banners can be placed on both ceilings and walls with a wide range of corners and sides. The STRETCH fabrics easily places around beams, cornices, rosettes, doors, windows, etc.


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