1. Best price and best service

    Well if your boss is looking to buy all his materials he needs to install and finish his stretch ceiling projects then you will be at the right adress at STRETCH , we provide you the best quallity polyester stretch ceilings , profiles , LED strips , Baklit LEDs , Tools , .... everything you need to install your stretch ceilings . 

    In 10 seconds , why should you shoose for us instead of our compettitors ? 

    Well , STRETCH does'nt just sell you his products to make money , it is our goal to make sure you make the most money and use the right products at the right price and with the BEST service for your project and that you can get feedback 24/7 and that 365 days in the year . We provide you our service over whole europe and even further , we can help you not only with stretch ceilings but even with : Light , light messurements , acoustic , printing , lightboxxes , .....

    Do you want to work with us or do you want to have a good and productive drink with us to talk about your opportunities or even your bottlenecks ? Then go and get in touch with us and sent us an e-mail or give us a call : +32 485 48 30 35 ! 

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  2. Printed CLIPSO stretch wall

    Reinvent the interior again with the printed walls of CLIPSO "SO DECO"!

    And enjoy the 100% adaptability of the CLIPSO stretch walls!

    Let's go beyond wallpaper and painting, thanks to our customizable and original solutions. Looking for an innovative wall-covering? Choose the printed wall from CLIPSO "SO DECO"! At your request, the tensioning wall is printed with the image of your choice, with the desired dimensions.

    What do you have to prepare before we can realize your span wall?

    Before our STRETCH team can design the stretch wall , the wall needs to be measured and a print must be chosen that would either be illuminated or used without lighting.

    STRETCH has access to several image collections (shutterstock, national museums, istock, ...) here our customers can benefit from a wide selection of quality images. For an even more personal interior you can choose an image in good resolution from your own photo library to get the best result, unique and completely personal.

    Then choose the desired type of CLIPSO banner (acoustic banner, standard banner, translucent banner, ....)

    Use the printed wall to renovate or decorate!

    The printed stretch wall adapts to all your expectations. With a good quality image everything is feasible. Many professionals and private customers are
    already convinced of our CLIPSO printed span walls in offices, rooms, showrooms and restaurants, ... Each uses it according to his own taste to achieve the
    desired result.

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  3. The acoustic solution

    You have a space with poor acoustics and you are looking for the perfect solution? Please read this blog post.

    acoustic ceiling restaurant

    STRECH offers in collaboration with CLIPSO many acoustic solutions for your livingroom, restaurant, airport, cinema, company, shop, hotel, commercial space and numerous other spaces

    In recent years the issue of acoustics has become essential for both commercial areas and all public places (private homes, swimming pools, gymnasium, etc.). CLIPSO putted there time into this trend and suggested a microperforated canvas that absorbs noise. It is enough to use only the Clipso acoustic banner and get already a powerful acoustic improvement here , but in we use the CLIPSO acoustic covering in combination with our "stretchsound polyesterwol" the acoustics will improve even much more powerfull .

    The CLIPSO SOUND range of covering is available in 20 trendy and natural colors. Also available: A translucent version that is ideal for integrating a backlit or edgelit lighting solution , as well as our CLIPSO coverings are printable and offer an infinite customization options. This way you can also personalize your room with a print, color, illumination, ..... when refurbishing your space.

    Are you looking for an acoustic solution for your project? Please feel free to contact us via our contact form or trough our email: info@stretchgroup.be
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  4. A new website !

    A new website !

    Welcome to our new website! During the last few months, our new website has been busy behind the scenes. We decided to create a digital platform where our customers can find the necessary information in a very fast productive way and to place a very efficient order.

    On a regular basis, we will keep you informed of our new products and activities. And that does not stop! We will give you many tips and tricks through our Blog for the use of our products we offer. Keep in mind the next few days, weeks and months!

    Our website was provided in Dutch as well as in French and English, our intention is to expand these languages even more in the course of 2018.

    Do you still have constructive feedback?

    You as a customer are very important to us, so we would like to have received feedback about our website so that we can grow as an enterprise not only the company but also our website. Do you have constructive feedback? Please send us a note via the contact form.

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