1. Luminous stretch ceiling

    CLIPSO Ceiling & Wall now offers a complete, fully-customizable luminous surface solution. Whether you are looking for a direct-attach or a suspended frame system, CLIPSO can accommodate your needs with a complete profile, covering, and lighting solution.



    Our lighting options include backlit, perimeter-lit and surface-mounted solutions. We can offer a range of color temperatures from 2700˚K to 7000˚K, RGB and RGBW color options as well as tunable and dimmable options.



    The complete range of CLIPSO profiles can internally-house lighting or can allow our product to be backlit from above or behind.



    CLIPSO offers various translucency options to suit your design needs; 30%, 50%, and 70% translucency as well as a 40% Acoustic Translucent option. CLIPSO coverings can also be custom printed up to 5,10m wide and 50m long without joints or seams. 


    Only STRETCH can offer a complete Luminous Solution, all in one place. To learn more about Luminous Solutions by CLIPSO, visit the CLIPSO Illumination page on our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at info@stretchgroup.be.

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  2. Become a installer

    Since the launch of the first CLIPSO stretch ceilings, it has become essential to form a network of qualified professionals who have been trained in the cold laying technology of polyester stretch ceilings. Having competent installers guarantees our customers a qualitative placement and an impeccable finish of their stretch ceiling.

    How is the stretch ceiling installation training organized?

    Training is essential to purchase and install CLIPSO stretch ceilings. The basic cycle (level 1) takes place over a period of two days.The entire class consists of a maximum of 6 students:

    •           - The theoretical training on the entire range of stretch ceilings and profiles
    •           - Multiple scenarios to coldly stretch ceilings and walls
    •           - Learn how to stretch a stretch ceiling in corners, integration of shutters, lighting and others
    •           - The know-how and tips for different situations
    •           - The sales arguments and the specific characteristics of stretch ceilings and clamping walls of CLIPSO

    The training takes place in a space specially designed for this purpose, so that the installation can be practiced in maximum possible situations. The installers can therefore practice and learn the techniques in the best conditions, while benefiting from advice and personal advice from a trainer.

    Price on 22/03/2017: 650 euros excl. VAT per person. It includes the theoretical course, the practical exercises of the installation, the teaching materials, a box with tools "starter package", the suitcase samples of fixtures and as well as lunch is included.

    Contact STRETCH for the dates of future training courses.

    After this training and after the installation of your first project, you will be interned in the network of the STRETCH installers. After this you will also receive the Certificate that you can install the CLIPSO stretch ceiling.

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  3. Best price and best service

    Well if your boss is looking to buy all his materials he needs to install and finish his stretch ceiling projects then you will be at the right adress at STRETCH , we provide you the best quallity polyester stretch ceilings , profiles , LED strips , Baklit LEDs , Tools , .... everything you need to install your stretch ceilings . 

    In 10 seconds , why should you shoose for us instead of our compettitors ? 

    Well , STRETCH does'nt just sell you his products to make money , it is our goal to make sure you make the most money and use the right products at the right price and with the BEST service for your project and that you can get feedback 24/7 and that 365 days in the year . We provide you our service over whole europe and even further , we can help you not only with stretch ceilings but even with : Light , light messurements , acoustic , printing , lightboxxes , .....

    Do you want to work with us or do you want to have a good and productive drink with us to talk about your opportunities or even your bottlenecks ? Then go and get in touch with us and sent us an e-mail or give us a call : +32 485 48 30 35 ! 

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  4. Printed CLIPSO stretch wall

    Reinvent the interior again with the printed walls of CLIPSO "SO DECO"!

    And enjoy the 100% adaptability of the CLIPSO stretch walls!

    Let's go beyond wallpaper and painting, thanks to our customizable and original solutions. Looking for an innovative wall-covering? Choose the printed wall from CLIPSO "SO DECO"! At your request, the tensioning wall is printed with the image of your choice, with the desired dimensions.

    What do you have to prepare before we can realize your span wall?

    Before our STRETCH team can design the stretch wall , the wall needs to be measured and a print must be chosen that would either be illuminated or used without lighting.

    STRETCH has access to several image collections (shutterstock, national museums, istock, ...) here our customers can benefit from a wide selection of quality images. For an even more personal interior you can choose an image in good resolution from your own photo library to get the best result, unique and completely personal.

    Then choose the desired type of CLIPSO banner (acoustic banner, standard banner, translucent banner, ....)

    Use the printed wall to renovate or decorate!

    The printed stretch wall adapts to all your expectations. With a good quality image everything is feasible. Many professionals and private customers are
    already convinced of our CLIPSO printed span walls in offices, rooms, showrooms and restaurants, ... Each uses it according to his own taste to achieve the
    desired result.

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