Stretch ceilings and walls in the office

STRETCH offers you the CLIPSO Ceiling & Wall solution that offers many unique advantages and that meet the demanding needs of today’s modern corporate environment. From branding your company logo and colors to lighting and acoustics, The CLIPSO covering helps you to design an interior space that is both functional and beautiful.

The lobby: The Lobby of the your building is the face of your company. It is the first impression people get of your organization and a terrific opportunity for innovative lighting, or branding using your company logo, colors or other images that portray and support your company’s mission statement. Trust the your CLIPSO installer team to help bring your company image to life.

The Boardroom: Boardrooms are an integral part of the corporate world and should provide an environment conducive to strong communications. CLIPSO coverings help by providing an acoustic solution and NRC values of up to 1.05. 

The Office: Offices and workspaces are truly the hands of an organization. This is where company plans are executed and where employees spend most of their time. These spaces must contribute to employee concentration, productivity and provide a pleasant working environment. 

Training Facilities: Corporate auditoriums and training facilities are typically larger spaces with many people. They should provide an environment essential to learning and attention should be given when designing these spaces to allow for proper acoustics. Engineering for acoustics is always easiest in the design phase, but CLIPSO allows you to easily renovate an existing space to meet any acoustic or other needs. 

The Cafeteria: Corporate cafeterias and employee break rooms truly are the heart and soul of an organization. It’s where employees go to nourish and refresh and these areas should be clean and welcoming. CLIPSO offers an antibacterial covering which inhibits the proliferation of germs making it the perfect choice for cafeterias, lounges, or anywhere employees might be eating or congregating.


The CLIPSO system of profiles, coverings, and acoustic insulation is fast and simple to install. It does not emit any odors or harmful VOCs and can be installed during off-hours so your business need never be disrupted. It truly is the ideal solution for any corporate environment. To learn more about the CLIPSO products and solutions, visit our website or email us at

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