A fast ceiling system perfect for use in commercial spaces as well as for renovation and new construction projects

STRETCH strives to provide ceiling and wall solutions that can be used in a sustainable, timeless way, inside and outside. We always look for creative solutions in a creative way that ensure that we can quickly cover a room entirely with our wall and ceiling solutions.

One of our systems is the stretch ceiling, our stretch ceiling system is based on a polyester woven cloth that is coated with a washable PU coating that is available in different colors, this in combination with a lance mounted perimeter PVC or ALU clamping profile ensures that we can assemble and tension the woven stretch ceiling fabric with a minimum of tools. Our stretch ceiling can be mounted both as a ceiling and as a wall.

Fast ceiling / wall system

The stretch ceiling system is very interesting for commercial as well as for private use, because the system can be mounted very quickly up to 50 m2 with 2 installers per working day, this makes it one of the fastest systems on the market at the moment. What makes it perfect to use in restaurants, offices, other commercial spaces where speed is VERY IMPORTANT.


Our stretch ceilings are not only quick to install but also creative to use, dressing a room with a color as we already do is possible because we have an extensive color range. But what is unique about our system is that it is also printable, in this way you can completely arrange your space according to your own wishes with the help of a print of your choice.


We have different types of stretch ceiling fabrics, both standard, acoustic, translucent, etc. Of which our acoustic stretch ceiling cloths are highly sought after, because the finish is very fine, the difference between a standard ceiling or an acoustic stretch ceiling is as good as not visible, and because the stretch ceiling system works so quickly, it is highly sought after both in private homes where acoustic problems occur due to the use of large surfaces in windows and other hard materials, but also in commercial spaces such as offices and restaurants where acoustic comfort is very important.