We are pleased to announce that CLIPSO has got the certification ISO 9001: 2015! It is the most adapted version of the quality management system, which links the economic context and the company's procedures.

    This 2015 version integrates the management of risks and opportunities, so our services can adapt more quickly and ensure that you and your customers get products and services of good quality with regularity.

    "ISO 9001 is used worldwide. In 2013, more than one million certificates of conformity to the standard were issued in 187 countries and many companies and organizations adopted the ISO 9001 approach without seeking certification.
    The success of the ISO 9001 approach can be achieved in a number of ways: expanding the customer base for some companies or demonstrating the effectiveness of internal work for others."

    Source www.iso.org

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  2. CLIPSO gets the GREENGUARD Gold certification for the CLIPSO products

    Always more concerned with meeting the expectations of its customers and contributing to their well-being, CLIPSO creates solutions that respect the environment. As a low-Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) fabric producer and interior designer, CLIPSO has been awarded GREENGUARD Gold certification this year.

    This international certification that we have obtained is an additional guarantee of quality of CLIPSO products. These materials used in new construction as well as renovation are now essential in the design of living spaces where we breathe a healthier air.

    "GREENGUARD certification is the first voluntary global certification of pollutant emissions created specifically for indoor products. (...)
    GREENGUARD Gold certification takes into account more stringent emission thresholds to ensure that emissions from certified products can not affect sensitive people (children, sick people, etc.). This certification is often required by buyers in schools, hospitals and retirement homes. "UL Environment
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