Designing the perfect workspace

Open office spaces are at the moment very hot , but a nightmare for the acoustics . 

Open office acoustic solution

But there are ways to solve that problem , by using acoustic absorbant materials in the right way we can achieve again a acoustic comfortable space , that emediatly will pay the investment back by the more engaged and more productive staff.

Using the CLIPSO Sound AeroCeiling frames is one of the easy'st systems to use in your office at a verry low price for it's high quality finish , our acoustic frames can be ordered with standard meassurements but it's also possible to order frames on your meassurements , the frames will then be pre-assambeled in our workspace and will be shipped as a plug&play kit or if wanted as a full assembled frame . 

Installing the acoustic frame in your office / workspace is very simpel , the frames can be mounted right on the ceiling or wall . And if you wand the acoustic frames can also be monted with hangers from the wall and the ceiling. All you need to do is tell us what type of mounting you want to use and we can offer you all the right mountings and hangers for the installation . 

Do you want more info ? Give us a call on : +32485483035 or send us a e-mail on :, you also can read more about the frames on our website at : AeroCeiling