The acoustic solution

You have a space with poor acoustics and you are looking for the perfect solution? Please read this blog post.

acoustic ceiling restaurant

STRECH offers in collaboration with CLIPSO many acoustic solutions for your livingroom, restaurant, airport, cinema, company, shop, hotel, commercial space and numerous other spaces

In recent years the issue of acoustics has become essential for both commercial areas and all public places (private homes, swimming pools, gymnasium, etc.). CLIPSO putted there time into this trend and suggested a microperforated canvas that absorbs noise. It is enough to use only the Clipso acoustic banner and get already a powerful acoustic improvement here , but in we use the CLIPSO acoustic covering in combination with our "stretchsound polyesterwol" the acoustics will improve even much more powerfull .

The CLIPSO SOUND range of covering is available in 20 trendy and natural colors. Also available: A translucent version that is ideal for integrating a backlit or edgelit lighting solution , as well as our CLIPSO coverings are printable and offer an infinite customization options. This way you can also personalize your room with a print, color, illumination, ..... when refurbishing your space.

Are you looking for an acoustic solution for your project? Please feel free to contact us via our contact form or trough our email:
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