Luminous stretch ceiling

CLIPSO Ceiling & Wall now offers a complete, fully-customizable luminous surface solution. Whether you are looking for a direct-attach or a suspended frame system, CLIPSO can accommodate your needs with a complete profile, covering, and lighting solution.



Our lighting options include backlit, perimeter-lit and surface-mounted solutions. We can offer a range of color temperatures from 2700˚K to 7000˚K, RGB and RGBW color options as well as tunable and dimmable options.



The complete range of CLIPSO profiles can internally-house lighting or can allow our product to be backlit from above or behind.



CLIPSO offers various translucency options to suit your design needs; 30%, 50%, and 70% translucency as well as a 40% Acoustic Translucent option. CLIPSO coverings can also be custom printed up to 5,10m wide and 50m long without joints or seams. 


Only STRETCH can offer a complete Luminous Solution, all in one place. To learn more about Luminous Solutions by CLIPSO, visit the CLIPSO Illumination page on our website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at