Why start installing stretch ceilings?

Stretch ceilings are on the rise, also jump on the train in 2018 for succes in the stretch ceiling market ! 

Have you not noticed? More and more stretch ceilings are being installed over the years, and more and more companies are starting to install stretch ceilings.

But why shouldyou instal stretch ceilings?

A stretch ceiling has the great advantage that it is installed very quickly (usually even in 1 day) and they are also installed without too much dirt and breaking, these are a number of very big advantages that makes people rather choose for a stretch ceiling than for the traditional plaster or recessed plasterboard.

There are also a number of other major advantages to a stretch ceiling such as:
            -   Installed at a very affairdable price
            -   Seamlessly installation to 5.10m width (length is unlimited)
            -   Moisture-resistant
            -   Chlorine-resistant
            -   Fireproof
            -   Maintenance-friendly
            -   Does not tear
            -   Lives with the house ( so no cracks anymore ! ) 
            -   Is washable
            -   PVC free!
            -   Environmentally friendly
            -   10 year warranty

In addition to all these advantages, a stretch ceiling is just the perfect ceiling or wall to instal in your home, shop, office, kitchen, commercial spaces, warehouse, public spaces, .... In short, a stretch ceiling can be installed anywhere.

Are you looking for new opportunities within your company or do you want to start a new company in the interior (construction) sector? Then the installation of stretch ceilings is certainly to consider, in 2018 there are only a limited number of companies all over Europe that install stretch ceilings which makes it very interesting to start installing stretch ceilings NOW!

Contact us trough the contact form to find out more about how you can start installing stretch ceilings. See you soon !